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Postgraduate Study is the continuous form of scientific and educational activities of the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Sarajevo. Candidates, through this field, continuously acquire knowledge, through preparation and training for the scientific and educational work in certain areas (Masters). Moreover, there is adoption and application of scientifically established facts and methods in certain specialties (Specialization and innovation of knowledge).

Veterinary Faculty Postgraduate Study is performed at two levels:

-          Postgraduate Study for acquiring scientific degree of Master of Veterinary Science;

-          Postgraduate Study for acquiring professional degree of Specialization in a particular field of veterinary area.

Postgraduate Study of the Veterinary Faculty is organized through scientific and organizational areas in the fields:


Animal health protection, within which postgraduate studies performed by the following majors:

- Biomedicine

- Parasitology & Invasive Diseases with Epizootiology

- Microbiology

- Infectious Animal Diseases with Epizootiology

- Veterinary Epidemiology & Economics;

Breeding, reproduction, nutrition and the economics of animal production with the following majors:

- Poultry Production & Health Care

- Physiology and Pathology of Reproduction of Domestic Animals

- Ecological Animal Husbandry

- Clinical Pathology, Diagnostics and Therapy of Carnivores & Pets;


Veterinary-sanitary control and technology of production and trade of food, with the following majors:

- Radiation Protection of Animal Production,

- Food Hygiene & Technology.


Depending to current needs for postgraduate education, other majors may be organized, whose curricula and syllabi, after passing all the legal procedures, become a part of this Regulation.